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Things I love about the ASOIAF ladies I follow: the ship names.

Jon x Sansa: The HMS We Take What We Can Get

Robb x Margaery: We Could’ve Had It All

Jon x Dany: House Snowgaryen: We’ve Made a Huge Mistake

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“If ever they remembered their life in this world it was as one remembers a dream.” 

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I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

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still untitled fic i am not writing

So here’s another scene from the Narnia/ASOIAF fic I’m still not writing, where Susan ends up at the Wall, when Jon Snow finds and sounds her horn…

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pennylane4 said: Ugh the perception of Jon as a perpetually whiny, petulant teenager who never changes frustrates me SO MUCH. That would be like saying Sansa is still the same naive young girl obsessed with romance and blinded by infatuation that she was in the first book! Hey, guess what fandom, character development is a thing, and Jon grows out of that pretty quickly. (And at any rate, even in AGoT I don't think he was half as whiny and petulant as he's made out to be, but that's a rant for another day.)




Saaaaaame! I still remember seeing a post somewhere that took fic writers to task for making the characters “too idealized” and specifically pointed out Jon never being whiny in fic, and Sansa never being class-obsessed/self-serving, and I was like, “Exxxxcept neither of them are those things anymore? If they EVER WERE?” (I wouldn’t call Sansa self-serving pretty much ever. Naive, sure, but there’s never a sense of, “I will fuck these people over to get A Thing I Want.”) One of the things I love the most about the series is the way people evolve and change in organic ways, learning and taking from their various experiences. 

I think people forget that Jon is fourteen at the beginning of AGOT, and the idea that Sansa is obsessed with class doesn’t make sense to me either.  She’s just trying to follow her mother’s example because she’s a good kid and is doing what she thinks is appropriate.  Also, Sansa is eleven.  Really, how many class/status-aware eleven-year-olds do you know?

People TOTALLY forget he’s as young as he is in that first book. I know GRRM has said that whole, “Oh, they’re not really KIDS at 14 because kids…didn’t exist?” thing (SIGH), but let’s not forget that Jon literally runs out of the banquet in tears because Benjen won’t let him go to the Wall/makes a joke about Jon fathering some bastards first. Full on causes a scene, bumps into a serving girl, spills wine, and run out with tears streaming down his face. That is a KID, y’all.

And exactly, Sansa is just trying to be A Proper Lady which is a thing that’s been drilled into her since birth. It’s not snobbery, it’s an understanding of how things work and the role she’s meant to play in that system.

Hey, I could be convinced. :-)

Oh man, then it will be a fandom of three! I will do my best! :D

Hot date? Rain check?

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