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Do ye know my motto, lass? My clan’s, I mean?

Outlander 1x04

bedlamsbard For me, with this show, it has to do with the excellent casting. I was really doubtful that anyone could live up to Jamie and Claire in my mind, and I am glad I was wrong!

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Do ye know my motto, lass? My clan’s, I mean?

Outlander 1x04

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At HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ cast autograph signing during Comic-Con 2014 on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California

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Asker sansa-potter Asks:
POV for the meme?
thatgirlnevershutsup thatgirlnevershutsup Said:

Okay, this is something I’m working on now, for this OTP prompt:

one making awful breakfast for the other and the other eating it because they appreciate it that much

I wrote it initially from Jon’s POV and I just flipped it to Sansa’s.

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The Sound of Music (1965)

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When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.

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Five days of fun at the Castle Leoch Resort!

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drop one of these bad boys in my askbox and i will post, without editing

  • FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
  • LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project
  • NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
  • [insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project
  • THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it
  • BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
  • POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

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Save the viking goats!!!

Johanna Thorvaldsdóttir’s Icelandic goat farm (Háafell) is facing foreclosure in September, resulting in the entire goat flock being butchered - unless enough funds are raised to save it!

There are less than 820 Icelandic goats in the entire world - they are an endangered species. Almost half of them will be lost if this farm is not saved. I visited Háafell 2 years ago and every goat I draw is rooted in this place. Any little bit helps :)

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I don’t just ship it
I fucking luxury cruise that shit.
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Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2014

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Sim Sala BAMM


Sim Sala BAMM

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Getting emotional about headcanons and AUs like


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